developingurl said: Well, I understand how you feel, been in the same place, and kinda am to be honest. I just try to see things as things I want to do, not something I want to do to prove to myself that I actually can do stuff, if you get me. I'm not sure (more than that) how it got better, I just... tried to see things different. My motivation was to get rich when I was a kid, now my motivation is just, there is so much beauty amongst the hate in the world, and I wanna see it all. I bet none of this makes sence^^

No it makes complete sense. I feel the same way. We have such limited time and so much greatness and beauty in the world to see and do but the thought if that can also be very overwhelming as well especially if you haven’t been doing anything in your life (like me) to get the ball rolling so to speak. Also fear if never getting those opportunities can make me feel like what’s the point in trying at times. Life is weird I guess especially in your early 20’s haha

aurorasandmoonlight said: Eating healthy (for the most part) and drinking water everyday was a huge change for me. I used to drink 3 pops a day and ate terribly. But, sometimes, baby steps are better than no steps. :)

Thank you for the tips! A healthier body and lifestyle is something I’m trying to work on for a better state of mind :) and it’s so true little step really are better than none at all but I struggle with keeping that perspective sometimes :P

Anonymous said: Go to church :)

I don’t think church will ever help considering it doesn’t coincide with my personal beliefs

developingurl said: So, you want to give your life meaning? Why do you think it doesn't have any?

In a way I guess yes, that’s a good way of putting it. I feel I have the skills to do so much but do so little mainly due to anxiety and I tend to shut the world out A LOT

I really need to start changing my life around drastically and start living life because I just feel so empty lately. Any advice from followers who have done this? Completely changed your life around? I feel stuck and want to hear some peoples hopeful stories if willing to share…

Thinking of outfits you wore when you were 14 is a great way to ruin your day






My Sweet Summer, from the Dirty Heads’ new album Sound Of Change